MasterMind Method

While the science behind Neurofeedback Therapy is powerful and complex, MasterMind Brain Optimization Centres makes it an easy experience for you. Neurofeedback is non-invasive, does not have side effects, and results can be long-lasting so there is little risk, and a lot of potential. MasterMind also offers certified Psychological Counselling services, so rather than seeing Neurofeedback vs. Counselling as an either/or decision, many of our clients benefit from both and Counselling services can be introduced at any time.

We have put in the work by getting Board Certified with BCIA, the highest industry certification available from the most widely accepted industry certification organization. 

Here are the steps in the Neurofeedback Therapy journey:

  • Brain Map head shot

    Step 1: Symptom Assessment & Brain Map

    We will interview you to find out your symptom history along with other pertinent medical information, treatment history, and goals for Neurofeedback Therapy. This is typically covered in a 1-hour session and can be done in-clinic or by secure video session.

    We will then conduct an in-clinic session during which we will record the electrical signals coming from your brain in a process known technically as an Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) or Brain Map (that is easier to say!). This data will allow us to compare to normalized databases of other QEEG's to identify potential areas of concern. This is typically conducted in a 1-hour session in-clinic.

  • Brain Map treatment plan

    Step 2: Treatment Plan

    We then match the symptomology from your assessment to potential areas of concern from your Brain Map to develop a Personalized Treatment Plan based on what you decide are the priorities for you. From this we will develop Treatment Protocols that specify what parts of the brain to treat in the most effective way.

  • Neurofeedback Training

    Step 3: Training

    Using the customized Training Protocols, we will work with you in a series of 1-hour in-clinic sessions to "Train your Brain" using Operant Conditioning. Your brain will be prompted to perform specific tasks and will be rewarded by audio and visual cues and in so doing it will be "trained" to bring about an improved state. To see meaningful results, a minimum of 20 sessions should be expected to give your brain time to make lasting changes. Of course the number of sessions required will depend on the severity of the symptoms.

  • Brain Map before and after

    Step 4: Progress Reporting and Check-Ins

    We will collect progress reporting from you regularly as we conduct training sessions to track your progress so that we can include how you feel as an input into the system and adjust training thresholds accordingly. During your training journey, we will periodically schedule specific call-out meetings with you (usually via the phone) with our Clinic Director to provide specific feedback on your progress and to hear any of your concerns. Based on these meetings, we will decide to stay-the-course or make adjustments as necessary.